Nlháxten/Cerise Creek, Conservancy Management Plan

Community Meeting

When : Thursday, June 22, 2017
4pm – 6pm

Where: Banquet Hall, Ullùs
82 # 10 Road, Mount Currie, BC

Purpose To share information and receive input about our process to develop a management plan for the Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy.

Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy is a protected area located in Líl̓wat Nation Territory. Líl̓wat Nation Land & Resources Department will be working with BC Parks over the next year to develop a management plan to ensure that Líl̓wat interests and values in the area are protected.

“Working together will achieve our vision”

To learn about the planning process and share your knowledge and input about Nlháxten/Cerise Creek

Community Engagement

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To provide perspective

Snacks and refreshments will be provided

Any questions
Please contact:
Bobbi Jo Leo,
Lands Coordinator
604-894-6115 Ext. 2467
Or by email: