Áma sq̓it,
Good day,

Two weeks, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a new public health order asking that we all tighten up our bubbles, socialize only in our core bubbles, and only travel when necessary. That health order has been extended to December 7. When I look around Líl̓wat, I see a lot of people doing a great job at following the rules. And I also see others who aren’t.

Following these restrictions isn’t always easy, but we have to do it to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. The coronavirus is at our door. There have been dozens of positive cases in Whistler and several in Pemberton. It would be very sad to see the virus take hold in our community because some people didn’t think they had to follow the health order.

The health order asks us all to do four things to decrease the spread of the virus.

We Have to Keep to Our Core Bubbles
Our core bubbles are the people in our households, the people we spend the most time with and are physically closest to. In some cases, our bubbles may include a parent who lives in another home, roommates, a close friend or a relative. The health order asks that we only socialize within our core bubbles—no extra friends or family members, no playdates for the kids, and no drop-by visits.

We Can’t Host or Attended Social Gatherings
This means no social gatherings with anyone outside or your core bubble. However, funerals and weddings may proceed with a maximum of 10 people (including officiant), and a COVID-19 safety plan in place.

We Have to Say NO to Non-essential Travel
We must postpone all non-essential travel. This means no vacations or travelling to visit friends or family. Travel for work, school, medical appointments, groceries and medicine is fine.

We Must Wear Masks
It is now mandatory that we wear masks in all public spaces, except when eating or drinking.

Some people’s bubbles have gotten too large. Some community members are having get-togethers in their homes. Other people are travelling to other communities, visiting other families’ homes. We all want to see the people we care about, but we have to accept that we just can’t do that now.

With COVID­-19 infections on the rise in BC, we have to minimize our contact with each other to stay safe. Christmas is just over a month away. If we respect the health order, we may be able to enjoy the holidays with fewer restrictions. Also, the provincial health order is enforceable, which means people not following the order could receive fines. I certainly do not want to see people fined. Instead, I would like to see everyone follow the order because it’s the right thing to do. It is simply what we have to do.

I also ask that if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms that you use the BC Self Assessment Tool at bc.thrive.health or call 8-1-1. COVID-19 test are available at Líl̓wat Health & Healing and the Pemberton Health Clinic.

On behalf of myself, Kúkwpi7 Gélpcal Chief Ashley Joseph and Council, I ask that you please follow the health order until otherwise advised by the Provincial Health Officer.

Our community’s health and wellness is our priority. Let’s support each other in getting through the pandemic.

Be well. Be safe.


Kúkwpi7 Skalúlmecw
Chief Dean Nelson