Our action, McLean v Canada, covers all students who attended Indian Day Schools after 1920. These schools were separate institutions from Residential Schools (ie, separate brick and mortar buildings), but, like Residential Schools they were managed, controlled, and maintained by Canada. Students who attended Day Schools went to school during the day only.

Students who attended Residential Schools (that is, those listed in the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement) by day only are not covered by our action.

All that said, some of your membership may be class members of the McLean action. Based on the information we have, there was one Day School on Lil’wat First Nation. The school was called Mount Currie Day School, and was also known as Pemberton Day School. It was located on Mount Currie Reserve No 10. Canada operated the school from January 1939, to September, 1973 (the latter being the date on which control of the school was transferred to the Nation).

Anyone who attended the school between those dates would be a class member in McLean.

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