Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7,

Firstly, our apologies to those that showed up on Monday September 6 (Labour Day) for the mix up with the dates for the Chinook Salmon walk this week. Our intention was to ensure everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend unfortunately there was some confusion with dates.

August 30 to September 1, an initial count in the Birkenhead River’s Upper Reaches 8 – 13 was completed over a three-day period (Aug 30 to Sept 1) with a total of 566 chinook observed .

On Tuesday September 7, we walked all reaches (8 – 13) with a total count of 858 – much appreciation to Inez Nelson, Pala Tena, Rich Joseph and Jeff Greenbank for your time and efforts involved with the Birkenhead River Bank Walks. Approximately 15% were counted as spawning while the remaining were holding / migrating. Only two carcasses were recovered yesterday so there will likely be lots of sampling required next week.

Our next counts are scheduled for the following two Mondays (Sept 13 and 20). We welcome Volunteers to assist us in the River Bank Walks scheduled for September 13 and 20th. Contact me at our office for more information.

Kukwstumulhkalap Nilh ti

– Submitted by Maxine Joseph-Bruce – Fisheries Program Manager