Ama lhkunsa ti sqita (It’s a good day today),

Sockeye Salmon Update: 
Although the river is still quite high, we re-installed the Birkenhead sockeye fence before dawn this morning.  We’ve had ~1700 fish move through in the first 2 hours, so we are still seeing migration.  Rough count right now is 94,000 sockeye in the Birkenhead River. 

Bad news: the fence was out for 48 hours.  Good news: the weather forecast for tomorrow has been upgraded from “rain” to “a few showers”.  The forecast for Sunday is still “liquid sunshine” (a.k.a. rain/showers/precipitation/etc), but hopefully we keep our counting fence in the river until then and maybe that forecast will change in the next few days.  Like I said, the river is still quite high so we’re riding the edge of what the fence can handle. 

We started our dead-pitch last week, and so far this week the river is still too high to safely walk: and so, we are far behind on our “Period 1 dead-pitch”:.  We have been able to retrieve carcasses from select sandbars and are halfway through our period 1 Pacific Salmon Commission sampling: we hope to finish the rest today.  You may notice Inez, Pala-Tena & Ts’ik Tu7 (a.k.a. Matt Townsend) sandbar hopping on the Birkenhead River near Lvkmets and Zelkwa7 – if so wave and say hello or honk to show your support!   

Chinook Salmon Update:
Crews are surveying the upper sections of the Birkenhead River for Chinook on Thursday September 23rd (with some sockeye dead-pitching included – as you may have noticed, we can multi task) and, if river-flows permit, we will be dead-pitching the lower areas on Friday. 

Coho Salmon Update:
You may have noticed that the temperatures are much lower these days, and light snow on the mountain tops, the coho salmon luv the cold weather.  Coho must be in the Lillooet Lake right about now based on the information we collect each year.  We’ll begin our coho salmon surveys by the third week of October and we are completed by end of January.  We survey Pemberton Creek/Ryan River/Green River/Poole Creek/Birkenhead River.

Kukwstumulhkalap (we thank you folks)
Nilh ti (that’s all)

Maxine Joseph-Bruce <*)}}}><  Fisheries Program Manager