Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7 (good day friends and relatives)

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 What a weekend! 😀  I just wanted to say to you all that I have much appreciation to our fisheries technicians in their dedication and efforts to collect the salmon information year-after-year.  It’s such a  positive experience to be involved with the salmon projects and to know that the Lil’wat Nation fisheries technicians are present within their own traditional territory collecting information that has and will continue to benefit the Lil’wat community and others. 

The Sockeye Salmon enumeration project is well underway, we have successfully set up the counting fence and have experienced a number of visitors already.  The local schools will be bringing their students to the counting fence to witness the salmon returns to the Birkenhead River.  The annual salmon programs are a huge success for creating education and awareness of the salmon resource that we as the Lil’wat Nation depend upon.

101,945 sockeye counted through the Birkenhead fence from Aug 31 up to and including Sep 11. 
Some pre-spawn mortalities are showing up at the fence and in the lower spawning reaches(1-3), but temperatures are still in the 12-13c range and the majority of fish seem to be in good condition.  Some “redding” was observed in area 2 this weekend as well as in the upper reaches.
Friday September 9, the Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians travelled up the valley for a field reconnaissance surveys for the purpose of salmon presence that resulted in

574 fish counted in Sampson Creek/Railroad Creek this week.  Joffre Creek, Pemberton Creek, and Ryan River were also surveyed but no evidence of sockeye presence was found at this time, this week we’ll check the lower sections of the Ryan River, specifically where the Ryan meets the Lillooet River.

September 12th was Peak Spawn but we will continue through the end of the month.

Annual Birkenhead River Chinook Salmon Bank Walk.  Much appreciation to the volunteers that have come out; Jeff/Matt/Tracy/Stu/Kris and friend/Richard/Cascade Environmental/Paul/Terri/Diane.   The next Chinook Bank Walk is scheduled for next Monday September 19th, the tail gate meeting is at 8:30 outside of the Land and Resources office.   

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Fisheries Program Manager