Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7 (good day my friends and relatives)
Kalhwa7alap k’a7 Snuwa7lap Nsenknukwa7 (how are you my friends and relatives)
Wa7 lhkan t’u ama (I am fine)

The Birkenhead sockeye fence was completed and fish ready  as of 4:30, August 31.

About 57 fish made it through the counting fence before midnight, including a small school of 20 fish that moved through one hour before the fence was fish ready.  I’m sure those fish were waiting patiently for us downstream to get that fence up and ready to begin the actual count!  (1 fish ha ha ha – 2 fish ha ha ha – 3 fish ha ha ha – or in ucwalmicwts Pala ha ha ha – an’was ha ha ha – kalhas ha ha ha).

600 more sockeye passed the fence before 9:30am this morning and by this afternoon a few thousand sockeye were on their way to the spawning grounds.  Two Lil’wat technicians are checking the Birkenhead River’s segments 8, 9, and 10 near the flats and someone has done some spot-checking pools in the lower sections today in an attempt to estimate how many sockeye may have arrived before completion of the fence.  While it’s hard to say what happened during the evening hours, we did not observe any migrating sockeye (except for those noted above) during fence install.

Water levels were quite high during install but have dropped several centimetres in the last few days (well at least too high if we use me as a guage).  The fence and crew are well prepared for the coming season including the cold nights and warm days.

“Wa7lhkalap-ha qan’imts?” (you folks understand?)

Stop by for a visit and get an update of the numbers entering Birkenhead River. 

“Honk for support!”

Nilh ti

Submitted by Maxine Joseph-Bruce <*)}}}><