Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7,

Salmon Update:
Check out this photo of our sockeye counting fence and the working platform’s condition from Sunday September 26, 2010 at about 6:15AM.  

We have discontinued counting sockeye salmon.  On Tuesday September 28th, we had our inflatable boat out on the river attempting to remove the Fence frame in the high waters, but were able to remove the fence pickets only.  Today, we are applying our time and efforts to finding those salmon carcasses for sampling purposes.  Much appreciation to Inez, Pala-Tena and OJ for their time and efforts.

Fred Wells is working on fish presence surveys up the valley on North Creek/Boulder Creek and Upper Lillooet River.  He’s off work today but will be back up the valley in the next few days.  I so appreciate his involvement with our projects.

Salmon Education and Awareness:
Earlier today, I spoke with the Xit’olacw Community School classes about our valuable salmon resource.  The students are very interested, they had their own stories about Chinook salmon to share.  We started off our discussions with hand drumming.    

Other surveys:
Andrew Pascal is involved in a Spotted Owl Survey; his work started at around 6pm last night till about midnight.  The survey area is near the Ryan River on a mountain named “Camel’s Back”.  Andrew stated that is his first time conducting non-fish studies, and is enjoying this opportunity.


Nilh ti 

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