Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7 (good day friends and relatives)

Kalhwa7alap k’a7 Snuwa7lap Nsneknukwa7 (how are you friends and relatives?)

Wa7 lhkan t’u ama (I am fine)

163,505 sockeye through the Birkenhead River counting fence from 31 Aug up to and including 18 Sep.  Sockeye die-off seems to have slowed down, as there are few new carcasses on the fence.  
12 sockeye were observed in Pemberton Creek, our first observation this year.  We will survey the Green River, Sampson/Railroad Creeks, Pemberton Creek, and Ryan River this week, as well as continue with Birkenhead dead-pitch and Period 1 PSC sampling.

 Final Chinook Salmon Bank-Walk today September 19th, much appreciation to the volunteers!  Here’s a virtual ((hug)) for TRACY/STEWARDSHIP PEMBERTON/JEFF/MATT/JAMES/INEZ/PALA-TENA for all your positive efforts!

A huge “Kukwstumulhkalap” (we thank you folks) to the “Tsipun Store” for the donations of sandwiches and water for the Annual Birkenhead River Chinook Salmon Bank Walk!  After a brief review of the Bank-Walk numbers; it seems that September 5 was the “big day” where we observed 533 chinook salmon in the spawning grounds, last Monday the “September 12 Peak Spawn” day we counted about 346 Chinook Salmon in the spawning grounds.  We’ll keep you updated as to our count from today’s bank-walk. 

Kindest regards,

Nilh ti (that’s all)

– Submitted by Maxine Joseph-Bruce <*)}}}><, Fisheries Program Manager