Call for Local Artists
Request for Proposals for Tśzil Learning Centre Wall Art

The Project

The Tśzil Learning Centre is seeking artists to create artwork for our walls. This opportunity is open to any artist – professional or not – from the Líl̓wat or St̓at̓y̓emc Nation communities. The art may be any medium (wood, canvass, textiles, or anything else that can be hung on a wall). The deadline for applications is Friday, April 26, 4:30 pm.

The Award

A maximum of $5000 per artist will be awarded for the artists to realize their work. Artists should consider that this is a competitive process.

Project Intent

The Tśzil Learning Centre moved from old portables to a beautiful new building in August 2018. Our goal is to fill the new Tśzil with local art, promoting the culture, heritage, environment, community, and ancestors of the Nation. Our goal is to fill Gáw̓en, our student lounge, with this art, and over the years to showcase more local art in our other rooms. This art work should:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of the student lounge in a way that is welcoming and tells some sort of story of the people/land.
  • Be an original art piece appropriate for a learning centre, and that can be adequately and safely displayed on the walls.
  • Consider the room dimensions and appropriate scale of art for the wall (art that is too big or too small will likely not get selected). Artists may visit Tśzil to view the room before submitting their application.
  • Consider the room colours, and/or the ambiance of Tśzil. The furniture in the room is fairly neutral in colour, so pieces that are vibrant and/or that match the wood of the building may have an advantage in the selection process.
  • Provide pride and inspiration to the community and all who visit Tśzil.
  • Celebrate the Líl̓wat Nation’s identity and rich culture, environment, and heritage.

Reflect community values, particularly Nt̓ákmen. Nt̓ákmen refers to the traditional values that inform all aspects of a person’s life, from how they live on the land to using the Líl̓wat Ucwalmícwts.

About Gáw̓en (the Student Lounge) and Tśzil
Gáw̓en means to gather people or things together in one room, and that is exactly the purpose of our Student Lounge. We host weekly lunches for students, staff, faculty, friends and family in the room, have culture classes, and informal events. Students gather to hang out with one another. Community members visit. We share food, coffee, conversation, tradition, and laughs.

The Tśzil Learning Centre is now located along highway 99, with increased exposure to passing traffic. Tśzil is growing and filling rooms, and we anticipate more visitations from tourists. As such, we expect that artists’ work will have good exposure to a variety of people. We will post information about the artists and their work, with contact information if the successful artists wish.

The competition is open to any artist who is a member of the Líl̓wat or other St̓at̓y̓emc Nation community. At least one successful candidate will be from Líl̓wat Nation. Artists must have previous work to show the selection committee and must present it in a portfolio (e.g. electronic images, a printed portfolio, or actual physical art work). The artist selection panel will consider artistic diversity as one of the factors in the selection process.

The commissioned artists will work with the staff and faculty of Tśzil to create art that fits the needs of the space and community.

How to Apply
Artists interested in this project must prepare and submit the following. Please ensure you don’t miss any steps so that your application will be considered:

  1. Proposed artwork concept for Gáw̓en, our student lounge. This proposal should include conceptual design drawings or sketches, sufficient to communicate the artist concept. It should include a budget and describe the specifications for the artwork related to materials, size, weight, installation requirements and maintenance guidelines.
  2. Letter of Interest, no more than one page in length, which explains your interest in the competition. Please include your name and contact information and state the format of your sample submittal (CD or DVD, book, actual artwork).
  3. Artist’s Statement, no more than 200 words in length, describing your work.
  4. A list of at least two references familiar with your work and working methods. The list must include complete addresses, an email address and telephone numbers.
  5. Work samples on CD, DVD, book of your artwork, or your actual artwork.

Materials must be received by the Tśzil Learning Centre by 4:30 pm on Friday, April 26.

Applications can be dropped off in person, or mailed to:

Attention: Kim McLeod
The Tśzil Learning Centre
PO Box 232
125 Lillooet Lake Road
Mount Currie, BC, V0N 2K0

Final Artist Selection
A committee will be established to review all the submissions and to choose the winning artists. The applicants will be contacted no later than May 24, 2019. The art should be completed no later than August 30, 2019.

Selection Criteria

  • An initial proposal that is complete and includes all 5 items listed under “how to apply”.
  • Proposed work that is aesthetically pleasing and complements the room in colour, size, and design.
  • Work that is tied to one or more aspects of Líl̓wat Nation or other St̓at̓y̓emc Nation people or environment.
  • Previous art work that demonstrates high quality work with attention to detail and incorporation of cultural elements.
  • Proposal that provides a reasonable budget for the project.
  • Positive reference checks.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim McLeod at or 604-894-2300.