Capital Projects

Creating Housing And Amenities To Serve A Growing Nation

The Capital Projects Department, working cooperatively with Public Works, manages the construction of new community infrastructure. These construction projects have included three new sports fields, the Úll̓us Community Complex and new housing projects throughout the community.

The department manages CMHC housing construction and is in the process of delivering several projects with own source revenues.

Recent Projects

In 2013, the department created a blueprint for the next five-year period of community development with the Five-Year Capital Projects Plan.
In 2014, a Capital Project Planning Committee was established to ensure that projects move forward “on time and on budget” while delivering maximum value to the community.
Capital Projects assisted in the management of flood mitigation projects on the Birkenhead River and at Peq Creek in 2014.
In 2014, Capital Projects was instrumental in establishing a partnership with Pemberton-based Murphy Construction to build four new housing units.
Capital Projects was successful in securing CHMC funding to build two new duplexes.
In 2013, Capital Projects managed the construction of three new sports fields in the community. This work included creating a running track at Xet̓ólacw.
Since 2013, Capital Projects has been in consultation with the elders’ community to assess needs for housing and a social facility. Renovating existing homes for elders is a Capital Project’s priority, with a focus on meeting accessibility goals.

Current Projects

Capital Projects is currently working with Pemberton-based Murphy Construction to build 10 new housing units.

Current Projects

New Housing Construction
Capital Projects is currently working with Murphy Construction to build 10 new housing units.

Projects On The Horizon

  • Construction of a self-contained Elders’ Meeting Place with the potential to provide “assisted-living” space. Completion of the community consultation process and construction of a Ceremonial Fire Pit.
  • Ongoing negotiation with AANDC to complete water and wastewater high-priority capital investments.
  • Working with our business partners at Creekside to develop self-funding opportunities.
  • Continuing to address housing needs.
  • Building more multi-family and duplex housing units.
  • Developing infill project to round out the Housing Portfolio

For More Information

Tom Laviolette
Director of Infrastructor, Public Works & Housing
Phone: 604-894-6115