Public Works

Keeping The Líl̓wat Nation Community Safe

The Líl̓wat Nation works to ensure that the community has solid, reliable infrastructure. The Public Works Department fulfills this commitment.

The department is responsible for maintaining water and wastewater facilities, roads and bridges, and community buildings. Additionally, Public Works oversees fire protection and solid waste management. Beyond keeping what the nation has in good working order, the department also oversees flood mitigation. As well, the department manages AANDC programs, funding applications, and reporting.

Our Services

Public Works maintains, repairs and monitors of the nation’s water and wastewater facilities. This work ensures that the community has excellent quality drinking water and can efficiently and effectively treat its wastewater.
Public Works maintains and repairs the nation’s road and bridges. The department is also responsible for snow clearing and brushing along the edge of roadways.
Public Works maintains and operates the transfer station. The station’s six compactors allow for the easy separation of garbage and recyclables.
Public Works maintains, repairs and cleans community buildings.
The department assists in the training of firefighters and fire and accident response. To prevent potential house fires, Public Works also offers chimney cleaning at a fee.
Public Works keeps the community safe from flooding by remediating problem areas using methods such as opening new channels to direct water into main channels.

Report An Infrastructure Issue

To report an infrastructure issue, click here. Public Works will ensure that the appropriate person addresses the problem promptly.

Home Renovation Program

This Public Works Program focuses on addressing repairs to address the health and safety needs of those living in Band-owned homes. Public Works also provides plumbing services.

To contact the Home Renovation Program to help with a housing safety issue, click here.

For More Information

Calvin Jameson
Superintendent Of Public Works
Phone: 604-894-6115 ext. 2257