Recently the BC government, through the BC Healthy Communities program, has provided funding to enable Winds of Change to develop a Community Alcohol Policy (CAP) for Pemberton, Mount Currie and Area C.

A CAP is an evidence-based approach communities can take to mitigate the problems associated with alcohol use and decrease local government liability. CAP’S help to ensure events taking place on community owned properties or within community owned facilities are safe and enjoyable for those attending. They achieve this by:

• Providing consistent, clear guidelines for alcohol use in local government or Band owned facilities.

• Helping stakeholders agree when and where it is appropriate to serve alcohol.

The policy provides effective tools and policy guidelines to promote the responsible use of alcohol in a consistent manner in Pemberton, Mount Currie and SLRD Area C.

It’s important that our Staff, Council and Mount Currie community member voices are heard. Please take some time to fill out the online survey, which can be accessed at:

This survey takes under 10 minutes to complete. It will remain active until March 31, 2014.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this important community policy. If you would like more information please contact Margaret Forbes, Community Alcohol Policy Coordinator for Winds of Change at: