A message from Tanis Grandbois at the Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre

I just wanted to get some input from each of you as to what words or phrases in Ucwalmícwts you would like to learn. The reason I’m asking you is that I’m going to be working on a  project with First Voices, starting next week which will run over the next few months.

We will be adding 500-600 words and phrases to the online language archives. We will also be putting those words and phrases’  onto discs (Cds) for the daycare and classrooms. They will also have them available here in the Lilwat7ul Culture Centre.

Here are the statistics of our language fluency

St’át’imc nation (11 bands)

The Stát’imcets language (Interior Salish )

  • 3% of our People are Fluent speakers
  • 3 % of our People are semi speakers
  • 12 % of our people are Learners

Our language is labelled as SEVERELY ENDANGERED

We The Lil’wat do have one of the largest Nations within St’át’imc Nation

And our percentage of learners is one of the highest! But we also have one of the Lowest percentages of fluent speakers 2.5 of our people are fluent speakers.

Please email me any phrase or word you would like to learn.  tanis.grandbois@lilwat.ca