Originally posted on April 27, 2010

Our publisher, Theytus Books, submitted the book People of the Land for a major US award and it was selected as one of the three finalist in the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the following category: Regional.

CONGRATULATIONS to Lil’wat! This is a major award in the US and the first time Theytus Books has been a finalist for it. Our publishers are extremely pleased and happy to have worked on this with us!

The 2010 Benjamin Franklin Award winner will be chosen from one of the three finalists and will receive the Benjamin Franklin Award during a ceremony on Monday evening, May 24, 2010 at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York located at 45th and Madison in New York City.

The book, which includes stories and legends from the Four Host First Nations, is available for purchase at the Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre for just $36.95. Get your copy of this award nominated book today!

Book Cover