The Lil’wat Nation Administration will no longer be publishing it’s monthly newsletter.  The Band had decided to refocus those funds into our Lil’wat Radion Station and our website. 

Clint Andrew, who is hosting the Lil’wat morning show from 7am to 10am will be able to read all your announcements on-air.  Clint checks his email first thing every morning so all you have to do is email the information you’d like to share to

Announcements will go to air faster if they are on-air ready to be read exactly as you have written them.  Be sure to include all the vital information (Who, What, When, Where, Why…etc) as Clint does not have time to edit the announcements.  DJ Hollywood Dave announces Birthdays and Anniversaries in the afternoons between 2:30pm and 4:30pm, he can be reached at

For information you’d like shared on our website or our Facebook group, either in our calendars or as a news item please email the same (vital info including who, what, when, where…etc) to Tracy Howlett at

The Administration recognizes that communication is an important part of its role with the community.  We hope that these new resources for information will prove to be useful.