Here are 10 suggestions for having fun with your children during isolation. Many of these ideas apply and celebrate Líl̓wat wisdom and cultural teachings.

  1. Build structure into your days at home
    Both children and caregivers do better with a routine. Try to build in quiet-time activities (like drawing, colouring or playing with Lego) that your children can do in the same room as you. Remember to block off periods for physical activity as young children find it hard to sit quietly for long periods.
  2. Incorporate ceremony
    Involve your children in smudging every morning and teach them the sunrise ceremony.
  3. Tell stories
    Share the stories that come from Líl̓wat culture, call an Elder who will tell stories, or to your children. Learn new stories along with your children. Draw pictures based on the stories.
  4. Practice Our Traditional Songs and Ucwalmícwts
    Visit for online language resources. An app for Ucwalmícwts is available free at the Apple APP Store and Google Play.
  5. Learn outdoor survival skills
    Share what you know about the plants, animals and our land.
  6. Have Them Check-in on Loved Ones
    Give your child a list of two or three people they can call every day to see how they are.
  7. Integrate Life Skills
    Teach young ones how to do daily household chores, cooking, and cleaning.
  8. Grow an Inside Herb Garden
    Have your children help plants the herbs, from seed or plantlings. Basil, chives and mint grow quickly. Plan an outdoor garden.
  9. Model Self-awareness and Mindfulness
    Teach your children how to name their feelings, and how to send negative emotions into the land.
  10. PLAY!
    Children learn so much through play and are especially happy when their parents and caregivers join in the fun.