As we announced two weeks ago, the Health Centre now has access to high speed internet through Telus.  We have been working on getting the service distributed from the Health Centre to homes and have made progress on our permitting requirements to access pole space on-reserve.  Telus engineers have completed their drawings of required updates to the poles to be able to string another cable underneath.  We have signed off on the drawings and the required updates will be completed on Telus’ schedule which has not been shared with us at this point.

The Heiltsuk Nation recently upgraded from their Wireless system to a cable system and have committed to couriering down two wireless adapters to get Xet’olacw Community School connected as soon as possible.  We certainly appreciate their generosity with the loan. 

In the meantime, Base Wireless, a Whistler based Internet Service Provider has installed a tower on the far side of the Lillooet River with line of sight to Xet’olacw.  They are anticipating having their service up and running in three weeks so you will have more than one option as to who to purchase the service from.

I will send out another update when I have clear updates on the pole improvements and cable build.

Have a great Thanksgiving