I would like to assure the community that we recognize and understand everyone’s concern with regards to livestock on the roads. This project, like our situation with dogs, is not a Chief & Council issue (even though we are leading some initiatives), it is a community issue.

 As we all know, the horses and cattle belong to a number of people and not just one individual.  We have spoken to a few of the Stockmen one on one and we are looking at a fencing project.

 I would everyone in the community to talk to the stockmen and encourage them to please lock up their stock.  I do know that the Stockman’s Association  struggle with people using quads in the back field, cutting fences and leaving the gates un-locked.  We have people picking mushrooms and leaving gates open and I’m sure there are other people using the back fields for various reasons who also leave gates open.

 It’s difficult to pin-point who owns what out there.  Currently most of our stockmen do NOT brand their animals which we are trying to encourage. We don’t want get rid of all our horses and cattle and we would like to continue encouraging our members to live off the land, and raise animals.  We really need to work with Stockman’s Association with fencing.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this problem please feel free to email me.  I am in continuous communication with most of the Stockmen.  In the meantime please be sure to drive cautiously along the lake road and through our community.  It’s especially difficult to see on the lake road at the moment as there are no lines painted yet and it is very dark at night.  Please be extremely careful.

Thank you all for your patience.

– Chief Lucinda Phillips

PS. Thanks to Johnny Jones for the photo J