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The Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre has been working with the other 10 bands within St’ht’imc for the past 3 years to develop a Stit’imcets Language Council, which is called “I Wa Sxekstali I St’at’imcetsa” which means Siakmc Authority. This Council has been working on a 20 year plan for Language revitalization I Wa Sxekstali I St’at’imcetsa is made up of two representatives from each band. The Lil’wat representatives are Veronica Bikadi and Martina Pierre. Veronica is also a member of our Lil’wat Culture Heritage Language Authority (L.C.H.L.A)

I Wa Sxekstali I St’at’imcetsa and Lil’wat will be hosting a Language meeting on Saturday June 11, 2011 at Ullus. We will be sharing ideas for teaching Language, what works and what doesn’t. Each Nation will share what they are doing in their community to pass on the language.

We need as many fluent speakers, elders, youth, daycare workers and teachers to attend. Let’s all work together to create resource materials, teaching tools and guides for the Language. Everyone in these categories play a vital role in the language revitalization plan. If we are going to keep the language alive and thriving we must work together.
Volunteer cooks and food donations are needed.

Please contact Culture Centre staff if you can donate or volunteer your time to help serve the elders who are attending from Lil’wat and neighbouring nations.


Submitted by Lois Joseph, Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre Manager