We have recieved word that the final stage of paving, which was set to go ahead tomorrow, has been delayed because of the rain.  The current plan is for Alpine to move equipment onsite tomorrow and for paving to go ahead on Monday.  As always this will depend upon the weather. 

The main thing to note here is that between now and Monday there can be no driving on the prepared surface, especially in light of the softening effect of the rain.  We will be working to block access off this afternoon but please keep this in mind over the course of the weekend especially if you are dropping kids off for the youth hockey tournament.  The best place for access will be from the Old Band Office where there is a path to the front doors which does not cross the prepared surface of the lot.

One other note – It’s really important that the orange markers that have been put out by survey crews remain where they are. Some have been moved or kicked over.  If you see anyone moving them please tell them to stop – this could delay our project even more!

Thanks again (and again) for your patience.