A note from Lois Joseph

This is a reminder to everyone of this important date, to elect your Ts̓zil Board Team and the Mount Currie Board of Education Team. I am the Mount Currie/Lilwat Nation Band Council representative, Education is my Portfolio. 

Tszil Board and Mount Currie Board of Education nominations were held on October 18, 2010. 

Elections will be held at Úll̓us, Banquet Hall on November 8, 2010  from 8:00 AM to 8 PM.

For 2 Ts̓zil board members. Candidates are:

  • Luke Johnny
  • Maisie Mernett
  • Georgina Nelson
  • Matilda Pascal
  • Lanice Williams

  For 4 Mount Currie Board of Education Members. Candidates are:

  • Luke Johnny
  • Georgina Nelson
  • Matilda Pascal
  • Dion Pierre
  • Iris Pierre
  • Loretta Stager

It was discussed at a council meeting that members can sit on two boards.

Come out and vote! Please forward this to your family and friends.


Lois Mamaya7 Joseph