There has been an increase in “phishing” phone and email scams n the past couple of weeks. One popular scam has the “CRA” phoning and telling you that you owe money that you have to pay immediately. The Canada Revenue Agency DOES NOT do this: they do not contact people to talk about tax issues. This scam is just one of the many currently being used to defraud people. In the US, fraudsters have been using robocalls with the offers of free COVID-19 testing kids or low-cost health insurance.

Elders are particularly vulnerable to these scams, so please share this information with your Elders.

It seems that a lot of scams are operating during this health crisis that has many people stressed out and not thinking clearly. However, you can protect yourself and loved ones.

How to avoid being a victim:

  • DO NOT give any personal or financial information over the phone or by email.
  • Ask the caller for their contact info so you can get back to them. (This usually results in the caller hanging up.)
  • Look at any emails coming from a “reputable” organization. Do they have return email addresses that correspond to their organizations? Phishers never have legitimate email addresses.

Confirming scams in Canada:

If you are unsure about whether someone is trying to defraud you, check the following Government of Canada web page that lists current scams:

Part of staying safe during this viral outbreak is being financially safe as well. Stay well.