Líl̓wat Nation Home Insurance Program – 2019-2020

The Lil’wat Nation Home Insurance Program was set up to ensure that your home is protected in the event of a loss due to fire, flooding, or water damage. Each year the Líl̓wat Nation Administration works on behalf of Chief & Council with AON, our insurance broker and risk advisor, to ensure you, as a homeowner have access to the protection you require at the most affordable rates.

Why has my Home Insurance Premium Increased Compared to Last Year?

Our Property Insurance Rates and resulting annual Home Insurance Premiums are directly impacted by our overall claims’ history. Any claims made have an impact on the insurance premiums for all members covered under the Líl̓wat program. The significant number of property insurance claims due to house fires in recent years has resulted in the latest increase in rates.

When is my Home Insurance Premium Due?

To avoid late payment penalties, payments must be received in the Úll̓us Finance Office on or before November 1st, 2019. Alternatively, you may sign a Pre-Authorization Payment Agreement (PAP). Home Insurance Premiums are paid annually and provide coverage from July 13th, 2019 to July 13th, 2020.

What Payment Options Do I Have?

You can pay your Home Insurance Premium invoice by Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card at Úll̓us, or through Online Banking with the Scotia Bank. Employees have the option to sign up for bi-weekly payroll deductions. Please contact the Finance Department for more information.

Financial Assistance / Social Development Clients
Bring your home insurance invoices/statements to your SA Worker Susan Williams or Teresa Wallace to ensure it is included in your monthly shelter allowance to be paid.

How Can I Ensure My Payment Is Correctly Applied to My Account?

For all methods of payments, please remember to reference your Member Account Number (Customer No.), which can be found on your invoice. This will ensure that the Finance Department knows which account to apply the payment to. By default, payments will first be applied to your most current invoice.

What Does My Home Insurance Cover?

Your home is covered by an insurance policy known as “All Risk” Property Insurance, which insures your home against all risk of direct physical loss or damage to your home including flooding and earthquakes.

REMINDER – that it is your responsibility as homeowners to ensure your chimney is cleaned and that you check your smoke alarms annually 

What Does My Home Insurance Not Cover?

In the event of a theft, fire, flooding, or other event that damages or destroys your personal property and personal effects, it remains your responsibility to repair or replace your own personal belongings. This includes items such as clothes, furniture, sporting goods, electronics, and any home improvements you’ve made.

But My Certificate of Insurance States It Covers Contents?

The Líl̓wat Nation Home Insurance Policy provides for the replacement of contents such as major appliances and fixtures, it does not cover your personal belongings.

How Can I Insure My Personal Belongings?

Lil’wat recognizes the importance of protecting your items and has partnered with the AON, our Insurance Broker and Risk Advisor, to deliver a solution that covers both your own personal effects as well as your personal liability in the event of an insurable loss or claim. Please see the enclosed brochure and application for a detailed description of the additional insurance coverage (called “Tenant’s Insurance”) available for you to purchase personally.

Can I Opt Out of The Lil’wat Home Insurance Program?

Opting out of the Home Insurance Program is not permitted. As per the requirements of Líl̓wat’s Housing program, you must have adequate ongoing home insurance coverage in place. The only situation in which opting out of the Lil’wat Nation Home Insurance Program is permitted is if you are able to provide proof of comparable insurance from another insurer. Please contact the Finance Department for more details.

Why is the Expiry Date of my Policy Different than the Payment Due Date?

When Líl̓wat changed insurance brokers in 2012, our insurance policy renewal date changed to July 13th. Previously to the change members were invoiced in October. To remain consistent and give members the opportunity to plan their finances, the decision was made to keep the Home Insurance Premium due date the same.

I Have Home Insurance Arrears, Can I Continue to Be a Part of the Program?

Going forward all members are required to be in Good Financial Standing to continue to be a part of the Home Insurance Program. In future years any members that are not in Good Financial Standing will be removed from the program. For 2019-2020 only, program members that may not be in Good Financial Standing, but have signed a repayment agreement, will be able to remain in the Program. For more information about Good Financial Standing please contact the Finance Department.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

Please contact Denise Leo, your Accounts Receivable Representatives in the Líl̓wat Finance Office, or Gayle Andrews in Housing:

Denise Leo – Email: Denise.Leo@Lilwat.ca Phone: 604-894-6115 ext: 2258
Gayle Andrews – Email: Gayle.Andrews@Lilwat.ca Phone: 604-894-6115 ext: 2256