The Sea to Sky Invasive Species Council (SSISC) will be removing Cutleaf Blackberry, an invasive plant, on Lillooet Lake Road near the Main Street intersection between August 17 and August 20, 2020.

What is Cutleaf Blackberry? Cutleaf Blackberry is an invasive species that originates from Europe and thrives in a ride range of habitats such as disturbed areas, pastures, roadsides, riparian areas and wetland edges.  It can spread vegetatively by rooting from the cane and seeds are spread due to birds and mammals eating the fruit and dispersing the seeds to new locations.

What are the impacts of Cutleaf Blackberry?  Cutleaf Blackberry grows into impenetrable thickets and outcompetes native plants.  This reduces biodiversity, degrades pastures, infests stream channels and banks, prevents the establishment of native trees, restricts access of wildlife to water, and increases the likelihood of erosion along riverbanks.

How will Cutleaf Blackberry be removed?  Cutleaf Blackberry will be removed mechanically.  This is done by cutting down the plant and then removing the roots.

How to identify Cutleaf Blackberry:  Cutleaf Blackberry is an evergreen shrub that grows upright to arched, with canes that are angled, branched and have curved prickles.  Its leaves are medium to dark green with a hairy underside, and are made up of 5 leaflets that are deeply divided with toothy margins.  It produces blackberries that ripen in mid-late summer and has a large, deep, woody root ball that can exceed 10m in length and 1m in depth.






If you suspect you have any invasive species growing on your property, or you notice them elsewhere in the community, please submit a report to SSISC at 604-698-8334 or