Líl̓wat Food Security Project

Position: Fall Art/Research Assistant
Rate of pay: $16/hr, approx. 125 hrs over 3 months
Duration of Position: September 15th-December 15th 2017 (Possibility of future work)

Description of Position:

The successful candidate will be invited to join several visits to Líl̓wat Nation over the fall to take photographs and meet with community members to learn about traditional foods/farming. All expenses for these visits will be covered, and the person will receive hourly pay for field visits.

Position includes helping prepare a book/online materials for the Líl̓wat Food Security Project. This person will work under the supervision of Dr. Janette Bulkan (UBC), Tonya Smith (UBC and Jordan Gabriel (Líl̓wat Nation)

The successful candidate will work with Tonya Smith to prepare community outputs for the project. This will likely include the creation of a booklet about Líl̓wat knowledge of harvesting, preparing and cooking Indigenous foods and medicines.

Based on the person’s interest and experience, he or she may take on (some of) the following duties:

  • Preparing art pieces for the book (photographs, drawings, mixed-media, other creative ideas)
  • Social media updates/website updates about the project (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Helping with language translations in Líl̓wat Ucwalmícwts (with support from the Líl̓wat Cultural Centre)

The person will be responsible for keeping track of their own hours worked on the project, and will provide time sheets for compensation. They will work either from home, or there is a possibility of using office space at UBC (Vancouver). Timesheets will be provided to the successful candidate.

If you are interested, please write an application which details why you should be chosen for this position. Include as much detail as you possibly can.

A small committee from the research team will choose the best candidate.

In your application, please include any examples of your interest in the following:

  • Experience with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Familiarity with cameras
  • Artistic experience
  • MS Word, Excel

Interested students please submit your application via email to either:

Harriet VanWart, Líl̓wat Department of Lands and Resources, harriet.vanwart@lilwat.ca
Tonya Smith, UBC Student: tonya.smith@ubc.ca

All applications to be submitted as an attached MS Word file by September 1, 2017.