Couldn’t make it to Lands and Resouces’ Community Dinner and Presentation? Here’s your chance to catch up and read the presentations by clicking on the red links.

Eighty-five people gathered to enjoy a meal and presentations about food security and archeological findings.

Approximately 85 people attended a community dinner hosted by the Lands and Resources Department on February 15 at Úll̓́us. The event included an Archeological Presentation on Driftwood Bay from Dr. Bill Angelbeck, and a Food Security Presentation from UBC Ph.D. student Tonya Smith.

For the third summer in a row, Angelbeck has worked with Johnny Jones, Lands and Resources Cultural Technician, to conduct an archaeological dig in Lil̓wat Territory. The purpose of these studies is to conduct carbon-dating and confirm the age of the archaeological sites.

Bill Angelbeck and Johnny Jones prepare to share.


Bobbi-Jo Leo checks in Elizabeth Peters (right) and Tonya Smith.

The Archeological Presentation included a summary of the extensive Lil̓wat Nation oral history about Driftwood Bay. The carbon dating results matched the oral history; further confirming Lil̓wat Nation’s use and occupation of its traditional territory.

The archaeology fieldwork over the summer was well attended by community members interested in learning about the site, and willing to volunteer their time to assist with the dig. The dinner was a way to share back the results of that work.

Tonya Smith presents on food security.

For the Food Security presentation, Smith invited Elder Jeanie Wells to speak. As Smith ran through photos of plants found in Líl̓wat Territory, Jeanie spoke to their uses and how to prepare them for food or medicine. Elizabeth Peters, who is working with Tonya on the project, also spoke. She shared her enthusiasm for this project, learning about traditional foods, and being inspired by her own child to learn how to grow a garden.

Hand drummers celebrate a successful evening.

Táya Cultural Chief Leonard Andrew provided gifts to both the presenters, expressing gratitude for their work and contributions to the Nation. The evening closed with hand drummers that included Sik Sik Councillor Josh Anderson, Skalúlmecw Political Chief Dean Nelson, Saw̓t Councillor Martina Pierre, Lhpatq Councillor Maxine Bruce, and Mámaya7 Councillor Lois Joseph.

A special thank you to Johnny Jones for providing photos from the event.