This week is Lil’wat Addictions Awareness Week and there are lots of events planned to bring this important social issue to the forefront.

Monday November 15th

  • 2:00pm Sobriety March at Ullus.  Bring you drums and make a poster.

Tuesday November 16th

  • 10:45am Sobriety March at Xit’olacw Community School.
  • 6:00pm  Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremony at Laverne Wallaces place.
  • 7:30pm  AL-ANON Meeting at Ullus.

Wednesday November 17th

  • 3:30pm Contest Deadline for Poems, Essays, Stories, Colouring and Collages
  • 8:00pm  AA Meeting at Ullus.

Thursday November 18th

  • 5:30pm Celebration Dinner at Xit’olacw Community School.  Contest and Door Prizes.

Friday November 19th

  • 8:00pm Sights & Sounds Dance sponsored by NNADAP Alcohol & Drug Program.  Coordinated by Grad Class.  FREE ADMISSION!!