Ama sqit Nsneknukwa7 (good day my friends and relatives)

Kalhwa7alap k’a7 Snuwa7lap Nsneknukwa7 (how are you my friends and relatives?)

Wa7 lhkan t’u7 ama (I am fine) 

192,422 sockeye through the Birkenhead fence from Aug 31 up to and including Sept 21 at midnight. 

The windy night brought down tons of leaves that piled behind our sockeye fence causing our Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians Derek Joe, Thomas Terry, Harvey Dan and Arnold Nelson Jr. to be extremely busy throughout the night trying to remove the leaves!   Too many leaves on the fence causes a huge weight and could knock that fence right over!  Today, we are on stand-by “river watching” and checking periodically the condition of the river bottom for stabilization or if the river is continuing to erode near the sockeye counting fence.  

 I worked on the sockeye fence yesterday with Kwicksuka (Vanessa Dan) and I found the amount of sockeye entering the river to be amazing!  An example, yesterday afternoon we counted 1300 sockeye through the fence in 5 minutes.  “Max Dances with fish”! 

On another positive note; we have completed period 1 Pacific Salmon Commission sampling and have dead-pitched over 4,000 sockeye to date.  Large numbers of fish are still holding throughout the river and likely have not come close to peak-of-spawn.

The Green River was surveyed again yesterday by Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians Inez and Pala-Tena with support from Matt and Paul and live-counted over 2,600 sockeye in extremely poor fish-visibility conditions!  We took 32 Pacific Salmon Commission and DNA samples and hope to return next week for more. 

We anticipate one more survey of Sampson Creek & Railroad Creek hopefully this week to ensure that we captured “peak of spawn” and collect those valuable samples and dead-pitch more carcasses.  It was in our plans to raft/survey the Ryan River for sockeye on Friday, but with all this liquid sunshine perhaps our plans will change. 

And another thing; much appreciation to the Xit’lacw Community School Gr. 3 students for their visit.  You’re presence is good medicine. 

Anyway, all for now, will keep you updated as we move forward. 

Nilh ti (that’s all)

– Submitted by Maxine Joseph-Bruce <*)}}}><, Fisheries Program Manager