Join us this afternoon at the Ullus Community Complex for various activities in celebration of National Aboriginal Day.  There will be crafts and Pinku as well as a Lil’wat Fashion Show from 4pm to 5pm.  After the show we will have a community POT LUCK dinner for all, honouring past drummers and singers and then enjoy some singing and dancing in the gym until 8pm.  Please bring your own plates and cutlery to help protect Mother Earth.

Full Schedule (All Activities to take place at Ullus Community Complex)

2-4pm Mini Drum Making in Ullus Banquet Hall

2-3pm Pinku in the gym with Mary James

2-4pm Healing Session in Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre with Norma Pierre

4-5pm Fashion Show

5-6pm Dinner – POT LUCK (please bring own plates and cutlery)

6-8pm Honoring Past Drummers and Dancers, Speeches