“Mother Earth,” shot on Líl̓wat Territory, wins Crankworx “Dirt Diaries”

Damien Vergez’s breathtaking mountain biking film, “Mother Earth” has taken top prize at this year’s Crankworx Dirt Diaries. The film, which explores First Nations’ connection to the land through the lens of protecting Mother Earth, features local cultural performers Alex Wells, Daniel Wells, Jenice Wells, Oyiyek Wells, and Ted Bonaparte.

Six filmmakers were featured in Dirt Diaries, with short films that ran four to six minutes in long. The filmmakers began production on June 1, with their films being shown on the big screen at Whistler Olympic Plaza on Tuesday, August 14.

“Mother Earth” was co-produced by Native Thunder and Fast Focus.

To view “Mother Earth” click on the link below: below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=357&v=zAtU4c4oW-c