LBG partnership with Sea to Sky succeeding thanks to an awesome Lílwat7úl workforce.

Pictured above: (left to right) Mateo Ocejo, Darcy Sampson, Stan Wallace, Calvin Perkins, Len Dan, Jaye-Jay Berggren Missing from photo:  Jamie Jim. (Photo provided.)

When Sea to Sky Soils approached Líl̓wat Capital Assets LP about leasing a parcel of land at Rutherford, a condition Líl̓wat Business Group (LBG) put in place was that the soil company’s onsite workforce be two-thirds Lílwat7úl.

Today there are six community members working full-time, and another three working part-time, at the plant that processes compost into high-quality topsoil. The partnership is working well. In an email to LBG, Sea to Sky Soil owner Jaye-Jay Berggren wrote that the company “couldn’t be more happy with the results thus far” and that the company “look forward to continued growth and expanding our team within the community in the years ahead.”

“This an example of the type of partnerships that can create employment opportunities for Líl̓wat Nation citizens while supporting important values Lil̓wat7úl values, such as K̓úl̓tsam̓ (Take what you need), which in the broadest terms is about sustainability,” said LBG CEO Kerry Mehaffey. “We are proud of this project, the positive effect it has on our economy, and what it has meant regarding employment and what it can give in the future.”