Nlháxten/Cerise Creek

Management Plan (CMP)

Community Meeting

hosted by the

Land & Resources Department

Monday, May 28th, 2018
7pm – 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Banquet Hall, Úlĺus
82 # 10 Road, Mount Currie

The Nlháxten/Cerise Creek Conservancy is a protected area in Liĺwat Territory, located north Joffre Lakes Park just off Highway 99. The Liĺwat Nation and BC Parks are working together to create a management plan for this protected area.  The plan looks at cultural and recreational values as well as management strategies to protect Liĺwat interests such a plant and berry gathering, hunting, fishing, trapping, ceremonial and spiritual values. This meeting is an opportunity to review the draft management plan, ask questions and provide your input.

The final plan, with a report on community input, will be brought to Chiefs and Council for approval.

Questions?  Contact:  Bobbi Jo Leo at 604.894.6115 Ext. 2467 or by email at