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This notice is to inform the community that the repaving of Highway 99 – the Lake Road – will begin imminently.  The contract has been awarded by the Ministry of Transportation, with the support of the Lil’wat Nation, to Alpine Paving.  The road will be repaved from the junction of Highway 99 and Main Street to the Lillooet River Bridge at the head of the lake.

Work will begin on August 2nd with barriers and signage being installed.  On August 10th the construction phase of the project start with the pulverization of the surface of the existing road bed.  Construction is expected to be complete by September 17th.  Surveyors have already been out taking measurements and may be around for the remainder of the week.  The road will not be widened or altered from its existing route in any way.

During this time highway traffic will be controlled and you can expect some delays when travelling along the highway.  Alpine Paving and the Ministry of Transportation will do their best to minimize these inconveniences.

The repaving of Highway 99 is a project that will benefit the community in several ways.  It will reduce safety concerns related to uneven surfaces and will put a halt to the degeneration of the road that is happening in some areas.  The current surface has reached its lifespan and will start to deteriorate quickly if this paving is not done.  Both Alpine Paving and the Ministry of Transportation have indicated that they will employ community members for the duration of this project.  In addition, the Ministry of Transportation has provided funding that will enable us to pave the parking lot at Ullus in connection with this project.

The Lil’wat Nation’s agreement that the resurfacing of Highway 99 proceed was in no way connected to any acceptance or agreement of the Lake Road Resumption.  The Province has agreed to return to the bargaining table for the Lake Road Resumption talks, which will resume this September.

More specific details will be shared with the community as we receive them.  We thank everyone for your patience during this time and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions or concerns about this project please contact the Land & Resources Department at (604) 894-2333.

Chief Lucinda Phillips