Update on Birkenhead high-water.

As you know, the Birkenhead River tops it banks and overflows into resident’s homes (IR #1- Bingo Road), fields and highway 99.

The Mount Currie Band is doing mitigation work such as building dykes & berms, installing culverts in various areas needed and removing log jams to help prevent flooding in these areas.it  rains profusely. The Emergency Operations Team will continue to monitor the Birkenhead River on a daily basis. Should any danger arise we will inform the community.

There have also been many, many volunteers sandbagging to lend a hand in the prevention process. So far over 8000 bags have been filled and distributed to areas needed. Thank you to all that have volunteered your time, your hard work and dedication to help your community is very much appreciated.

However, we are still not out of danger, the larger than normal snow pack that still exists and still needs to melt, which means more water. We can expect to have high-water again as the temperature warms up or if 

Submitted by Chief Lucinda Phillips