The vision of the new Tśzil operation is to have EDUCATION, TRAINING and CULTURE all together under one roof. With that end in mind, the following organizational changes will begin a transition process in January 2019 and be completed by April 1, 2019 (the new operating budget year).

As January is the kick-off of our annual budget & program planning for the next operating year, it is natural that the transition for both the education and training moves be actioned at the same time in preparation for the 2019 -2020 operating budget, programs and goals.

Education – School District #48, specifically Pemberton is a partner with Líl̓wat in providing Aboriginal student assistance, encouragement and support.  This partnership has been in place for 3 years with Debbie Alendal, Director of Social Services and Lois Joseph, Culture Centre Manager. THE CHANGE – Mason Ducharme, Manager of Tśzil and his team will assume responsibilities for the administration of the partnership with the School District. From January till new budget year, April 1, 2019. The 2 teams will work together to transition the role and establish Tśzil as the school districts Aboriginal student partner.

Training – The Federal Employment and Training programs (ACCESS), currently these training initiatives are part of the Community Services Advocate role operated by Melanie Williams. THE CHANGE – Melanie Williams will be joining the HR department as the new HR Coordinator. The Employment and Training programs will transition in the New Year to Tśzil.  Melanie and Mason will work together, manage the change process over the months of January and February. Once the hand over is done Melanie will move to the HR department and split her time and energy between her new HR responsibilities and her Community Advocate services.

Each of these organizational changes involves many moving parts, some are under provincial jurisdiction the other is federal. Both programs have partners, operating challenges and both impact our community through our people. THE CHANGE will involve a learning curve for the Tśzil organization, development plans for individuals that integrate the new ways of working into a work schedule.