A proposed grizzly bear habitat management plan for Líl̓wat Territory is ready for comment.

The Líl̓wat Nation, the Province, and Coast to Cascade Grizzly Bear Initiative (a non-profit organization) have been working together to address current threats to grizzly bear populations within Líl̓wat Territory. The initiative was guided by our Líl̓wat Land Use Plan (2006) where it states:

“Maintaining wildlife habitat is an important component of supporting healthy wildlife populations, and in turn, a healthy Líl̓wat culture.”

Research has shown a strong correlation between high road densities and declining grizzly bear populations, as a result of human-bear conflict. The increasing trend of public using forestry roads for access to backcountryrecreation in Líl̓wat Territory was identified as a potential threat to grizzly bear populations in the Meager, Upper Lillooet, and Upper Birkenhead watersheds.

As a result, Líl̓wat Land and Resources Department, the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources Operations, the Ministry of Environment, and Coast to Cascade Grizzly Bear Initiative are proposing the use of gates to restrict motorized access in the following areas:

  1. Lillooet South Forest Service Road
    • Closures at approximately 2km from April 1 – June 15; and September 16 – November 30
    • Closures at Perkins Creek (approximately 31 km) as needed for public safety.
  2. Birkenhead Lake Forest Serve Road at approximately 14 km
    • Closure from July 15 – October 30

View a map of the area by clicking here.

These road closures are targeted solely to the public. Commercial tenure holders, such as forestry companies, will continue to have access to carry out their operations. Furthermore, the Líl̓wat Nation Land and Resources Department will facilitate continued access for First Nations traditional use activities such as hunting and gathering of foods, materials and medicine.

The access restrictions would be implemented through the BC Wildlife Act, and are currently under public review before finalization.

View the BC Provincial public review posting by clicking here.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about these proposed access restrictions please contact:

Harriet VanWart, Director
Land and Resources Department, Líl̓wat Nation

604-894-6115 ext.2464

We welcome your questions and feedback.