helenaToday, in celebration of the last day of Public Works Week, Councillor Helena Edmonds, who holds the Public Works portfolio, shares her observations and insights about how Public Works helps the community when its in crisis.

Keeping Our Community Safe 24/7

There are many times and many ways the Public Works crew has jumped in to help the community regardless of the time of day or job their individual descriptions. Whether it is during business hours, after hours or on holidays, there are members of the Public Works crew on-call and available for emergency situations in all areas the department serves.

They are there to repair water lines that break at two in the morning and  fix sewer backups in people’s home. They have dealt with Peq Creek washing out the water line to Xet’olacw and ripping the control system wires out of the ground. They have kept the community safe when the Birkenhead River  has overflowed. And they have been  proactive in minimizing the effects of Mother NMature. These workers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep our people, our homes and our land safe.

Please join me in thanking the Public Works crew for everything they do to keep the nation, and its infrastructure safe