helenaToday, in celebration of  Day 4 of Public Works Week, Councillor Helena Edmonds, who holds the Public Works portfolio, shares her observations and insights  about  maintaining Úll̓us Community Complex and the role the building plays in the community.



 Keeping Our Community Complex
At Its Best


Public Works maintains all of the community’s buildings. The biggest and most complicated building from a maintenance point of view, Úll̓us Community Complex is kept in good shape by our increasingly skilled Public Works department.

As well being an office for the nation, Úll̓us Community Complex is the place for members to  gather, meet, greet and celebrate each other and their lifestyles. At the centre we have bingo, roller derby, weddings, tournaments, cultural events, and workshops for us and for visitors. The gym provides valuable recreational space, while the dining hall gives us much needed space for gatherings and community presentation. And the kitchen is a much used resource for gatherings and other community events. Úll̓us Child Care Centre  is also in the complex, where children from eighteen months to four years old attend. And an aftershool program for kids six to 12 years old is also offered at the centre.

On its second floor, the centre also houses the nation’s governance offices and its various departments, Chiefs and Council chambers, and the Lilwat7ul Culture Centre .

The fields outside of the Úll̓us are used for the child care centre’s programs, after school program, community sports and community events.

Úll̓us is the most complex building in our territory. With its modern heating and cooling systems it is an ongoing challenge to keep things running smoothly, but a challenge that the Public Works crews works very hard to meet.


Come back tomorrow to read about Public Works’ emergency services.