helenaToday, in celebration of  Day 3 of Public Works Week, Councillor Helena Edmonds, who holds the Public Works portfolio, shares her observations and insights  about the nation’s water system.



From Recycling Management
to Sewage Treatment

Garbage, household waste and recycling

In the last three years, the nation has moved from from using landfill-based household waste management system to recycling its solid waste. With a two-compactor recycling sites, we now separate and recycle with our own trucks. We hope recyclcing will move from an expense to profit centre. Currently we recycle metal, rubber, cardboard and plastics to get money to help with part of the costs of operating the program.

Sewage treatment

The nation has 14,500 plus meters of sewer line, two pumping lift stations, a two-stage aeration lagoon and a 20-acre drain field in our territory to manage the tens of thousands of daily litres of effluent safely. Since raw sewage is an extreme health hazard, our crew is trained and certified to deal with these dangers safely and effectively at all times.

One large ongoing project that’s been completed is the 30-year maintenance of the drain fields. Public Works is working to make sure the drain fields remain in good working order and will continue to serve the community for another 30 years  when the the population in Xet’olacw is expected to double. The crew is also testing the health of the lagoons as they are the oldest part of sewer system. The lagoons manage the treated wastewater and then release it into the river. It is very important to keep the lagoons functioning as well as possible.  Currently, the crew is looking for ways to manage to on-lot tanks. The nation is working with the federal government to make the management of each household’s tank system to a municipal service rather than an individual’s responsibility.

Public Works keeps our ageing systems working to their highest standards possible while dealing with obstacles such as the flood plain. Due to outdated guidelines, they have to create their own process for to updating septic tanks and fields on properties in the flood plain.

A message from Public Works:

Thank you to  Lil’wat Nation for pitching in and adopting recycling. We are diverting tons of recyclables from landfills. This in turn helps save and protect the land for our future generations.

Come back tomorrow and learn what it takes to keep Ullus running its best.