A Message from Líl̓wat Health and Healing’s
Director Jessica Frank:

The purpose of the Self-Identifying Registry for Vulnerable Populations, is to have a better understanding of how many potential vulnerable community members we may have living on reserve.

We do not have each community members’  “health histories,”so if they can call to identify  as vulnerable it would then tracked in there electronic chart, which is only accessible to the Líl̓wat Nursing Team. By becoming part of the registry, it will help us know that you may want extra support now or in the future.

‘Vulnerable’ could be any of the following:

  • Elder or person over the age of 55 with complex health issues
  • Person living with :
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • history of heart attach or stroke
    • chronic kidney disease
    • liver disease or liver failure
    • lung disease, COPD, asthma, or history of pneumonia
    • an autoimmune disorder
    • substance abuse
    • undergoing cancer treatment,

Other vulnerable people include those who are unsheltered  (no home) and pregnant women.

Mustimuhw has a COVID-19 Registry which I am updating for anyone who calls, and this tracks who is asymptomatic, or symptomatic, and for how long they are monitoring or self-isolating. The rest of the vulnerable populations data is just being updated into their chart where it needs to be. There is a diabetes registry, and health checks, or tabs to track the rest.

For those who are Self-Identifying as ‘Symptomatic,’ we may also be doing a ‘Home Assessment,’ with them to see how well a person would be able to isolate in that home.

Thank you,

Jessica Frank