Ama Sqit Nsneknukwa7

“Ts’aokwal ts’aokwal sima wi – Ts’aokwal ts’aokwal sima wi”

Sockeye Salmon Count Update:

34,304 fish through the fence as of midnight last night (Sunday at Midnight). The river came up a bit with the rain on Saturday night but was receding by yesterday afternoon: there were no problems keeping the fence in due to the slightly increased river levels.

On Friday September 10th, we surveyed Sampson Creek and Railroad Creek (located up the valley) and counted 598 sockeye and 4 carcasses: Pala Tena says this is a record high count. We’ll try to get another one in this week.

Chinook Salmon Update:

We’re walking the upper section of Birkenhead River today as part of the Annual Chinook River Bank Walk, and since we’re in the area – we’ll keep our eyes out for sockeye carcasses. We’ll deadpitch sockeye salmon in the lower sections of the Birkenhead River in the Areas 2-4 on Thursday.

Much appreciation to those that have volunteered their time and effort to the Annual Chinook River Bank Walk; Lil’wat members – Lucy and Bernie – DFO personnel from lower mainland – Matt, Kris, Richard and Trina, Greenbank Environmental Services and to Land & Resources Fisheries Technicians – Inez, Pala Tena, Richman, Hata (aka Fred Wells).

You may recall back in the spring months; March/April/May/June we were collecting information from fishers regarding your fishing efforts/the type of gear and the amount of Chinook Salmon you caught. Those numbers we collected are to be calculated with the amount of Chinook we can see in the Birkenhead today that will provide us with an estimated number of Chinook Salmon that escaped and will spawn.


Nilh ti

-Submitted by Maxine Joseph-Bruce – Fisheries Program Manager