$800 million committed to settling Sixties Scoop class action suits 

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As a result of an Ontario decision in February 2017, the government of Canada announced its intention to negotiate a national settlement of the various Sixties Scoop class actions. We are pleased to announce that on Friday, October 6, 2017, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, federal Minister of Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, announced a settlement in principle to resolve the sixties scoop class actions. The settlement will be for individuals who have status (or qualify for status) under the Indian Act and who were apprehended by child welfare authorities in Canada and were placed for adoption or permanent guardianship in non-Indigenous homes. The settlement is for the loss of culture, language and identity. It does not cover claims for abuse while in care.

The federal government will pay up to $800 million to settle all claims across Canada.  Individuals are expected to receive between $25,000-$50,000 depending on how many claimants come forward to claim. $50 million will be used to create a Foundation that will provide counselling and healing services to class members.

There are still several steps before the claim process to obtain compensation begins. First, the terms of the settlement agreement must be finalized. Second, the proposed settlement must be approved by the federal and Ontario courts. We estimate it will take until the summer or fall of 2018 for the settlement to be finalized and for the claim process to begin. When the claim process begins, our website will provide details on how to make a claim for compensation. There will be deadline to file a claim. To make sure that you do not miss any deadlines, we strongly recommend that you regularly monitor our web site at www.callkleinlawyers.com or the Ontario class action website www.sixtiesscoopclaim.com or call our information line at 604-714-2070. Both our website and phone will be updated with information as it becomes available.

The settlement will have a simple claim form, which can be completed without the need to hire a lawyer.  You should, however, check the websites above on a regular basis for updates on the settlement so that you do not miss the deadline to register your claim. The claim form will be posted on our web site once it becomes available. During the claim process, BC claimants are welcome to contact our office to assist with their claim form without charge.

We are not expressing an opinion as to the merits of your individual claim nor whether you should take action regarding claims that fall outside the scope of the class action.  You should be aware that there may be strict time limits within which you must act in order to protect your rights. If you wish to pursue a claim that is outside the scope of the class action (such as physical or sexual abuse while in care), you should immediately contact another lawyer to obtain legal advice and/or representation.

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