A message from Líl̓wat Health and Healing:


Dear Family and Friends of the Líl̓wat community,

Many people have been calling LHH with concerns about children playing in large groups and not practicing social distancing.

This is what we are recommending to address this situation:

  • Explain to your children what social distancing means and why it is important.
  • It’s OK for kids to play outside, but only small groups made up of their own siblings or close family members.
  • Have your children avoid touching and sharing items that can hold germs on them. We are recommending NOT going to the playground, because the equipment isn’t being sanitized.
  • If any children are symptomatic, they should be self-isolating inside the house, and not playing with large groups of other kids. They could be spreading germs and illness.
  • Parents and family need to teach our children about the seriousness of this illness, and teach them how to protect their younger siblings, their grandparents, and other family members who have complex health issues.
  • Children and youth should not be going to the store on their own, adults should be going and getting the necessities they need
  • Print out the poster  below that outlines social distancing procedures.Social distancing is important for everyone, including our children and youth.Sincerely,

    Patricia Bobb, LPN
    Community Health Programming
    Lil’wat Health & Healing
    Tel:  604-894-6656 ext: 3238
    Cell: 604-316-6107
    Fax: 604-894-5639