Follow the link for a quick summary of the 2011 St’at’imc Gathering Schedule as copied from the brochure circulated by the Seton Lake Band.

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Schedule is subject to change.  Please contact the Seton Lake Band Office for more information.

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St’at’imc Gathering  May 7th – 10th, 2011

“Spirit of the People”

A gathering in celebration and thanksgiving of the signing of the St’at’imc Declaration by the Chiefs of the St’at’imc Territory. We honor and appreciate the work initiated by our ancestors for our mutual benefit. As their descendants we will continue their efforts by working together as individuals, family members, community members, and St’at’imc at large. In the hands of the people, “Together is Better”.

– Quote by Elder Clara Shields

May 7th, 2011 (Saturday)

9am Opening Ceremony with Opening Prayer and Welcoming Speech
Saq’uta7 muta7 Pumak7am
Flag Raising
Honour and Welcoming of all Arrivals
Feather Runners Arrival
Unity Riders Arrival
St’at’imc Communities Arrival
Community Sharing such as displays, presenta-tions, can be set up / arranged etc.
Ball Hockey Tournament
Talent Show
Evening Entertainment

  • Black Owl Blues
  • Sk’il’ Mountain Blues
  • George Leech
  • Saq’uta7 muta7 Pumak7am

May 8th, 2011 (Sunday)

Opening Prayer
Mother’s Day Brunch (Honoring Our Mother)
Endurance Run Competition
Community Sharing
Saq’uta muta7 Pumak7am
Ball Hockey Tournament

  • Saq’uta muta7 Pumak7am

May 9th, 2011 (Monday)

Opening Prayer
Sk’il’ Mt. Community School Cultural Day – Lots of cultural activities to participate in, and cultural display booths, to share and pass on the knowledge.
Cultural Games
Canoe Races

  • Saq’uta muta7 Pumak7am

May 10th, 2011 (Tuesday)

Opening Prayer
Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe
Chief’s speechs
Chief’s sign St’at’imc Unity Declaration
Chief’s decide next St’at’imc Gathering
Passing the Feather Ceremony
Saq’uta muta7 Pumak7am
Closing Ceremony

Other Notes and Information:

In recognition of the 100th Anniversary, the Tsal’alhmec hope to see 100 Drummers and 100 Dancers. Please bring your drums, voices, and your dancing feet. Let us cele-brate with good hearts, and minds, in prayer for the future generations to come.

In consideration of the environment, please bring your own cups, plates, bowls, utensils, and water containers etc. We have good drinking water and a place will be provided to wash your own dishes. Please help keep our garbage down to a minimum and please Do not bring Styrofoam cups etc. because styrofoam does not dissolve. Kukwstum’ulhkal’ap.

– Chief Garry John