I Wa Sxekstali I St’át’icetsa

“nilh ti7 wa mawalstúmcas, ta nqwal’úttenlhkalha, nilh ti7 sgélgellhkalh”

“that is what gives us life, our language, that is our strength”  Ceda Scotchman

Attention: Teachers, Early Childhood Workers, Elders, Language Teachers, Youth and anyone interested in learning or saving our language.

Everyone is welcome!

Place: Úll’us in Líl’wat, 82 Avenue, #10 Reserve, Mount Currie, B.C.
Date:  June 11, 2011
Time:   9am – 4pm
Purpose: 20 Year St’át’imc Language Revitalization Plan                      

For more information contact:

Mary Kakúsa7 James, Lil’wat7ul Culture Centre Language Coordinator
Phone: 604-894-6115 Ext. 2260
Email: maryelaine.james@lilwat.ca

Or Bucky John, Coordinator Language Plan Development Project Yr.4
Phone: 250-256-7523
Fax: 250-256-7119
Email: buckyned@yahoo.ca


L’il’wat7úl Culture Centre Staff and St’at’imc Language Authority team