The St’at’imc Unity riders will soon be arriving in our community.

The ride began on April 27th and will end on May 7th as the riders make their journey to the 100th year Declaration Gathering.

The riders look forward to the welcome of our community and the great hospitality that the St’at’imc people provide as they make thier journey throughout the Territory.  This year’s ride focuses on honouring our Ancestors who signed the declaration 100 years ago.

The riders ride for Unity, Healing, Health and Harmony.

– borrowed from a message from Laura John, ride organizer

Ride Details

  • April 27    Ts’kw’ayacw – Xaxlip
  • April 28    Xaxlip – Sek’wel’was-T’it’q’et-Xwisten
  • April 29    Bridge River (S7istken) for pit cook, storytelling, drumming and singing!
  • April 30    Truck Horses to Xaxtsa7
  • May 1      Xaxtsa7 – Tsek
  • May 2      Rest Day at the Hot Springs!
  • May 3      Tsek – Samahqwam
  • May 4      Samahquam – Lil’wat
  • May 5      Rest Day with Lil’wat Horseback Archery!
  • May 6      Lil’wat – Nqwatqua
  • May 7      Nqwatqua – Shehalth and the St’at’imc Gathering!

Traditional meals will be provided by the communities.  Please bring your own dishes, re-use, recycle and protect the land, our Mother Earth.

This journey requires self-discipline, self-motivation, perserverance and committment.  This is an alcohol and drug free journey through the mountains of our ancestors.

Once a Rider, Always a Rider.