In regards to the status of the Sockeye Salmon returns, below is information from the Fraser Panel. The Fraser River Panel was created in 1985 and uniquely has special responsibility for in-season regulation of Fraser River-origin sockeye and pink salmon fisheries, more information on the panel and their responsibilities can be found at www.psc.org

The Fraser River Panel met Tuesday, July 25th to discuss the Fraser River Sockeye salmon returns to date.  Based on the test Fisheries in the marine and in-river, these surveys continue to show limited amount of sockeye in their catches.

The Birkenhead River Sockeye are deemed a part of the “late” sockeye salmon stocks, and at this time there are no presence of Birkenhead River sockeye determined in any of the marine or in-river test fisheries.  It is too early for an in-season run size estimate for Birkenhead River sockeye salmon.  We will keep you posted.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Maxine Bruce at Ullùs Community Complex at 604-894-6115.


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