Self-isolation feels uncomfortable as we find new ways of keeping our social ties healthy. Here are some ideas for staying connected and dealing with the stress you may be experiencing.

5 Ideas For Staying Connected While Self-Isolating

  1. Support those around you. Call an Elder or a young person every day to check in, or send an email or text to a loved one. Make a video call, so people know you are thinking of them.
  2. Volunteer to help others, you can offer your services by calling Líl̓wat Nation at 604.894.6115.
  3. Seek wisdom from knowledge keepers and traditional healers. Learn about traditional healing practices and medicines. Many of our medicines strengthen and cleanse our bodies and minds.
  4. Prioritize wellness. Focus your energy by using prayer, meditation, daily affirmations and mantras such as ‘I am resilient.’
  5. Embrace this time to spend with your children. In traditional education and child-rearing practice, we taught our children about our history, culture, language, and life skills. We learned as families.

5 Ideas for Dealing with Stress While Self-Isolating

  1. Keep yourself healthy. Taking care of our wellness will calm us while we fulfill critical roles within our families and communities.
  2. Find support in our culture. Lean into Líl̓wat cultural strengths and the traditions and practices that ground us in the present and keep us well spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally well.
  3. Exercise. From sit-ups and running in place, to yoga and lifting weights, there are lots of exercises you can do inside. Check online for instruction and free classes. Exercise relieves both anxiety and depression, which can result from stress.
  4. Maintain social connections. Keep I touch with your loved ones through phone calls, emails, texts and video chats.
  5. Use free, confidential and culturally appropriate counselling/crisis support services:

                KUU-US Indigenous Crisis Phone Line   Toll-free: 1-800-558-8717

                Indian Residential School Survivors Society    Toll-free: 1-800-721-0066

                Hope for Wellness Indigenous Online Chat