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Ever wonder how our Lil’wat Nation Logo came to be?  Here’s the story directly from Johnnie Abraham, the talented artist who designed it.

Lil'wat Nation Historical Logo

“In 1981, I submitted more than two designs to a logo contest and the prize was $100 in art supplies. I entered and won with the design on the right.

My interpetation is that our culture revolves around the circle or medicine wheel. In the center the cedar tree stands tall as it is the main part of our culture. On the right the 7istken represents the people and their home. On the left the drying rack represents the many ways we preserve our foods such as the salmon. Mount Currie looms over us as the smoke represents hands making a circle.”

Today, thirty years later, Johnnie’s logo is still used as a recognizable symbol of the Lil’wat Nation. 

Lil'wat Nation Logo